PUBG Squad Classic

PUBG Squad Classic TPP

Chicken Dinner – INR 500.00

2nd Rank – INR 200.00

3rd Rank – INR 100.00

4th Rank – INR 80.00

5th Rank – INR 40.00

Entry Fee: INR 40.00 per squad

Registration closing on  14th December 2018

Scan the QR code in PayTm app to make payment. Once the payment is confirmed you will receive the invite details on your mobile/email.

PayTM QR Code

QR Code

PUBG Squad Classic
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Match Details

1. The match will be played in Erangel Map

2. There should be atleast 22 registered teams to start the match

2. Each Participants needs to register and sign up for a particular match in the above form

3. If the entry fee is applicable, the participants have to make a PayTm transfer of INR 40.00 per squad

4. Once the payment is confirmed, the participants will receive the Room ID and Password 15 minutes before the match start

5. Match will start the Scheduled time, you can find the schedule in the event calendar page

6. Please read terms and conditions carefully before you sign-up for the tournament

7. By signing up for the tournament you and your team agree to all the terms and condition

8. In case the match is canceled due to less number of participants or any other unavoidable reasons, the entry fee will be returned to the same number by next working day